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Monkey Business

A new study is showing surprising advances in primate evolution. Researchers in Africa have noticed certain groups of apes "brewing" alcohol by leaving old fruit to ferment in pools of water. The animals then gather to drink and become inebriated. There's a scientific name for these watering holes: Monkey Bars. *rimshot*

But seriously, we do have a monkey bar at the Barley Creek Tasting Room, or rather a monkey at the end of our bar. This little guy (or gal, we don't know) can be seen going bananas for Barley Creek Blueberry Vodka. We think he started with Chocolate Banana Rum, but he's branching out. He's been known to give a-peeling relationship advice and tell ape-solutely hilarious jokes (what do you call an angry monkey: Furious George). He poses happily for selfies with the Tasting Room faithful. And his name is... wait, he doesn't have a name! What kind of monkey business is that? Obviously, we need your help. It's time to play a round of Name That Monkey. This is a one-banana problem, folks. Simply swing by the Tasting Room during the month of September and drop off your name suggestions. If we choose your name, you'll be crowned the Top Banana Chimp-ion! We'll probably shower you with FABULOUS PRIZES! It's going to be more fun than a barrel of beer (of course)!


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