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We make small batches of great big spirits.

It’s not the size of the still, it’s the skill of distill. At Barley Creek, we craft small batches of great big spirits, including vodka, whiskey, rum, gin, tequila, and moonshine.  Our on-site distillery hosts a 50-gallon, six-column Hillbilly still that was hand-crafted in Western Kentucky and then customized to our specifications.

What’s in our spirits?

Big-time brewing mojo, that’s what. At Barley Creek, we’ve been having a blast brewing craft beers for more than 25 years, and we’re bringing that same passion for innovation, flavor and excellence to our distilled spirits. We start with pristine water from our own 700’ artesian well, and then add only the best ingredients. We craft whiskey, gin, rum and flavored rums, vodka and flavored vodkas, agave spirits (tequila) and flavored moonshines. And, because we know you can’t take your bartender with you everywhere, we’ve also rolled out a line of canned ready-to-drink cocktails, like our Pocono Punch, Mountain Mule, Barley Palmer, and 11:01 Vodka Cranberry. They’re perfect to take with you on your next outing.




New labels coming for our entire whiskey line! That spark and smoke you see about 20 seconds in is the barley leaf logo being cut out of the label. Pretty cool! 



Barley Creek Whiskey uses two-row pale malt, cherry smoked malt, corn, and rye for an extremely smooth finish. We double-distill our whiskey and age it in small, custom American oak barrels to maximize contact with the wood and enhance flavor. Bottled at 80 proof, our whiskey is woody, creamy, and slightly sweet, with notes of vanilla and pear. In 2020, the distillery team started adding limited release flavored whiskeys to the line-up, including Honey Whiskey, Chocolate Whiskey, Cinnamon Whiskey, and Peanut Butter Whiskey. 


Barley Creek Rum is made from an entirely molasses and organic cane sugar base. We distill the rum twice, then age it in American oak barrels. Our rum comes in a bunch of great flavors, including:

Spiced Rum – Aged for a minimum of six months, with orange zest and a secret blend of natural spices. Delicious and pirate-approved!

Silver Rum – Subtle vanilla flavor with hints of caramel. Perfect for your favorite cocktails.

Coconut Rum – Smooth, sweet and full of toasted coconut flavor. Goes great with your favorite beachside beverages.

Mojito Rum – Natural lime and mint flavors make for a sweet, zesty and herbaceously minty rum.

Chocolate Banana Rum – Rich and creamy from Swiss chocolate, yet fruity and refreshing from a hefty dose of banana. Drink it straight or mix it up.


Our 11:01 Vodka is corn-based and distilled to 191 proof. We use our own artesian well-water and extensive carbon filtering to craft a clean, neutral vodka with just a hint of sweetness. We also make Blueberry, Orange, Raspberry, Peach, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Bacon flavored vodkas. (The Bacon is perfect for Bloody Marys!) Our Blueberry Vodka won a prestigious silver medal from the American Distilling Institute. We’re always innovating, so check back for more flavors soon.


We make two different kinds of Gin: our Botanical Gin and our Blue Zone Gin. Both gins are distilled gins, which means all the flavors come from the distilling process, not from soaking the botanicals or adding other flavoring. Our botanical gin is primarily infused with juniper berries, as well as a blend of other natural botanicals, including citrus peel, licorice root, lavender, cardamom, angelica root and coriander. It’s 90 proof, dry and has no added sweeteners. We named our Blue Zone Gin after those special places in the world that have the happiest, healthiest, and longest-living populations. Infused with cardamom and goji berries, our Blue Zone Gin has a crisp, clean flavor profile.  Let the fun be Gin!

Flavored Moonshines

This aint’ your great-grandfather’s moonshine. Our white whiskey moonshines are smooth and infused with flavor. Our flagship flavors include:

Coffee Moonshine – made with organic, decaf cold-brewed Colombian Coffee.

Maple Moonshine – made with pure PA maple syrup

Lemonade Moonshine – made with freshly-squeezed citrus juice from lemons, limes and oranges, plus pure cane sugar.

In 2020, we also rolled out our Summer Moon series, including flavors like Strawberry Lemonade, Sweet Tea, and Cherry Limeade.

Ready-To-Drink Cocktails

This is officially the best thing since beer in a can. Check out our line-up of amazing, ready-to-drink canned cocktails, including our famous Pocono Punch, Mountain Mule, 11:01 Vodka Cranberry, and Barley Palmer. Available to-go at Barley Creek’s original Tannersville location and at our Tasting Room & Pub at the Crossings Premium Outlets.

Where To Find Barley Creek Spirits

You can enjoy them here at the Barley Creek bar, at our Tasting Room & Pub at the Crossings Premium Outlets, and at a few of our favorite local establishments. You can also take home bottles of Barley Creek craft spirits for yourself… or increase your approval ratings by giving them out as gifts to family and friends. Yes, we have gift baskets too. Cheers!

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