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Well-Behaved Pets Are Welcome Outdoors at Barley Creek

We welcome you and your emotional support animal or well-behaved pet to outdoor tables at the original Barley Creek Brewing Company on 1774 Sullivan Trail in Tannersville. Outdoor areas include our Sidewalk Cafe, our Pint Size Park, and our S'Mores Trailside Dining Sites. Sorry, but animals are not allowed indoors at Barley Creek, with the exception of ADA-defined Service Animals. 

Please read our full policy carefully before bringing your furry friend to our place: 

  • You are responsible for your pet's behavior. 

  • You must keep your pet on a maximum 4ft, non-retractable leash, and by your side at all times. In other words, no leash dragging on the ground behind your pet, and no leash tethered to a tree or other object. 

  • Pets must be well-behaved. No barking, biting, begging, jumping, or annoying other guests or animals. 

  • Your furry friend can't eat off your plate or drink from your glass. 

  • Pets can't be on outdoor furniture. 

  • Pets may only relieve themselves in designated areas, and you must clean up after your pet. We have pet stations set up for your convenience. 

  • By bringing your pet here, you agree to assume all liability for your pet's behavior.

  • Nothing personal, but our staff are not allowed to pet your dog while working. 

  • We reserve the right to ask your pet to leave at any time. 

Have fun and "Bone"-Appetit! 

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