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The Creek Geek Rides Again

What happens when the Barley Creek Retail Committee meets during happy hour? We order, like, A LOT of stuff. Just ask the whiskey. We got to toasting our 25-year anniversary (I'm not crying, you're crying), and we decided that we HAD to throwback to one of our original logos-- and so the Creek Geek rides again! A few rounds later (Shut up, it was WORK... we had some very important taste-testing to do), we'd ordered new trucker hats, super soft mountain hoodies, a brand-new bottle cap design, the ultimate party animal, and a bunch more stuff we can't even remember. So stop in and check out all the new Brewtique merch at the Mothership and the Tasting Room. If you can't get here, you can also order in our online Brewtique!


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