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Feeling stressed? Cuddle a cow.

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Goat yoga is so last year. These days, all the cool kids are cuddling cows for stress relief. This latest animal-wellness trend comes to us from the land of tulips, windmills and Rembrandt. The Dutch call it cow hugging, or koe knuffelen, which come to think of it might not be a bad name for a brew. Maybe a milk stout? Here’s the rub: when you nuzzle up to ole Bessie, her warm body and slow heartbeat can bust your stress by releasing feel-good hormones in your brain. Udderly fantastic! In fact, we’re thinking of getting some cows up at the Pint Size Park soon. Invisible cows. Herd, but not seen. But seriously, if you don’t have a cow to cuddle, we’ve got your stress relief here at Barley Creek… great food and brews to put you in a fantastic mooooood. (PS: if you were thinking of getting some stress relief from our limited release APPLEJACK, there are only 4 bottles left.)


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