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The best thing since beer in a can

Introducing our newest canned cocktail – the Transfusion. With an ABV of 7.5%, this awesomely quaffable drink is made with Barley Creek craft vodka, 100% Concord grape juice, ginger ale, and lime. The Transfusion is known in some circles as Golf’s Greatest Drink, probably because former prez Dwight Eisenhower was a fan who maybe invented the cocktail? We tried to fact-check this bit of history, but the truth is that nobody really knows when the first Transfusion was mixed. A Google search (which is pretty much the extent of our “deep-dive research”) comes up with some gory history about blood transfusions and the penchant for Ancient Romans to storm arenas after combat to drink the blood of the fallen gladiators. Maybe if they had some Transfusion cocktails back then things would have been more chill. History lesson aside, the takeaway here is that you can now get a Barley Creek Transfusion in a can and, well, take it away to wherever you need to be Transfused. All together now: Science! History! Cheers!

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