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New Rooftop Bar

Today, Barley Creek announced plans for a two-story rooftop bar to be built above the Onyx Room at Barley Creek's original brewpub and restaurant on Sullivan Trail in Tannersville. The High Tide Upper Deck Sky Bar -- HIGH BAR for short-- will feature two bars, an organic hop garden, an interactive Moonshine Fountain, and an eclectic menu of specialties such as Deep Fried Margaritas, Cheese Foam Submarines, and PB&J Shots, made with Barley Creek's own craft Peanut Butter Whiskey and Grape Jello.

Barley Creek co-founder Trip Ruvane, who can rarely resist a poorly-timed pun, said, "We wanted to set the bar high for the HIGH BAR. We're aiming for the ultimate HIGH experience for guests, with expansive views overlooking the Pint Size Park and Camelback Mountain, plus a ton of fun themed activities like Goat Yoga, Lawn Mower Races, and Zombie Apocalypse sim nights."

Ruvane said that guests will enjoy HIGH experiences from entry to exit. "We've got a patented Kegelevator to bring you up, scented with authentic keg musk. For a fun exit, there's a choice of twirly slide or zip line." Ruvane noted that you can never have too many zip lines in the Pocono Mountains.

Construction on the HIGH BAR will begin as soon as appropriate approvals can be secured and is expected to be completed on April 1, 2050. In the meantime, pre-orders for HIGH BAR t-shirts can be made by sending $350 in small bills to the attention of: April Fooles, Pier 99, Firkin Curling Lake, Tannersville, PA 18372.

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