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Land Ho! Is that Cape Cod I see?

November 9 was an epic day in 1620. After two months at sea, the Mayflower got its first glimpse of Cape Cod. Whew, that was a rough trip. Storms and tricky seas delayed the ship, which meant they were arriving in New England in November. Brrrrr! Not the greatest time of year to start planting crops. Plus, they were actually supposed to head south to the Virginia Colony, but the seas were too gnarly. To top it off, they got unfathomable news...their beer was running out! What's a Pilgrim to do? Whelp, according to legend, the dwindling beer supplies were the very reason that the Pilgrims punted the southern leg of the trip and landed at Plymouth Rock. Seems legit, right? It also seems like as good a reason as any -- maybe a downright patriotic reason -- to head down to Barley Creek tonight to celebrate with a brew. Can't make it tonight? Then check out our Red, White & Blue drink special, featuring Barley Creek craft Lemonade Moonshine, frozen lemonade, cherry juice and Blue Curacao. It will be at the main restaurant all weekend. Cheers!

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