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The Creek Club is about to get even better:

Good news: We're upgrading our loyalty program! The new platform launches on October 3, 2022. Existing Creek Club members will be sent a link to phone or email (whatever we have on file) to complete your registration with the new program. In the meantime, here are some FAQs about the changes. 

Why change loyalty programs? ​

Great question. Our old loyalty program did not integrate with our sales platform. As we grow, we need a loyalty program that will grow with us. Creek Club loyalty members will now be able to earn and redeem points across all of our restaurant and catering offerings, including Main Barley Creek, the Tasting Room & Pub @ the Crossings, the Pint Size Park, and S'mores Trailside Dining. You will even have opportunities to earn special awards for catered events. 

How is the new loyalty program different? 

We think it's simpler, more flexible and will earn you more benefits. Check it out: 

  • You can use your points directly to pay for your bill - no more having to convert points to gift certificates first. 

  • No more waiting to accumulate a certain number of points before using your benefits. Once points are earned, you can use them anytime to pay your bill. 

  • Points are simplified so you can easily know the value of your benefits. Under both systems, you are getting 10% back in benefits for your eligible purchases, but the points in the new system relate directly to the dollar value. For example, under the old legacy program, you would spend $150 in eligible purchases to earn 150 points, which would then be converted to a $15 gift certificate. Under the new program, $150 in eligible purchases earns you 15 points, and 15 points equals $15 in benefits. In other words, if you have 15 points, you know you have $15 in benefits. 20 points = $20 in benefits and so on. 

  • Your points balance will update automatically. 

  • You can earn points at all Barley locations and for catered events. 

  • You can now earn points on retail purchases. 

  • You will earn 2X points on Tuesdays for eligible purchases. 

Will my current points transfer to the new loyalty program? 

Yes! All points balances for legacy members will automatically be converted and uploaded to the new loyalty program based on the conversion rate. 

What is the conversion rate? 

One thing to note is that points in the new platform are 10X more valuable than in the legacy platform. For example, in our old platform, you would spend $150 to earn 150 points, which could be exchanged for a $15 gift certificate. In the new platform, when you spend $150 on eligible purchases, you earn 15 points, which you can use to pay your bill. 15 points in the new program = $15 in benefits. For this reason, if you have a balance of 150 points in the legacy program, those will be converted to 15 points in the new program. 

Will my current rewards certificates transfer to the new loyalty program? 

Yes! All unexpired reward certificates for legacy members will automatically be uploaded to the new loyalty program. 

When will the new loyalty program be implemented? 

Monday, October 3, 2022. On  this date, you will stop earning legacy points and you will begin earning points in the new program. 

What do I have to do right now? 

Nothing! Keep an eye out for email communication on how to activate your new account. That communication will come closer to the go-live date (10/3/22). We will send you an email with a link to the web portal so you can view your point balance. You will also be able to confirm or update your phone number on file. 



We appreciate your continued support and we're excited to share these new benefits with you!