We’re releasing two new brews

The brewers are getting spontaneous and wild. Today, we’re tapping our first ever sour brew, Spontaneous: Die Hard References. It’s the first in our Spontaneous series of sours. We started with our Summer Double Wheat, then introduced lactic cultures and let it ferment longer for extra flavor. Then, we hit it with some organic blueberry puree, for a great blueberry sour taste. Spontaneous, wild, strong and sour, it’s a bold brew at 7.45% ABV. Give it a taste, then supply your own Die Hard references. On the other end of the brew spectrum, we’ve got a brand new Jamm Session Porter. It’s a lighter-bodied porter that’s perfect if you want more than one, but don’t want the weight of a typical darker brew. We condition it on coffee beans and use a diverse malt background, with subtle hop complexity. Both on tap today. Come down, jamm out and get sour!

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