Not Just For Pirates

Avaste ye scurvy bilge rats! Nope – it’s not Talk Like a Pirate Day. Today is Let The Rum Do The Talking Day. Yes, it’s a real day… as far as you know. I mean, Talk Like A Pirate Day was created by a few guys in Oregon who screamed AAARRRR after getting beaned by a racquetball (true story). They wrote to humor columnist Dave Barry and the rest is history. So, we figure all we gotta do is add Dave Barry to our Ale Mail distribution list, and Let the Rum Do the Talking Day will be “a thing” very soon. Right, Dave? Are you reading this, Dave? So for this inaugural Let the Rum Do the Talking Day, we’re celebrating Barley Creek’s brand new Coconut Rum and rolling out a new label for our Spiced Rum. Both are available now for your drinking and gift-giving pleasure. And check out the labels! Both were designed by local artists. Noah Henning won our rum label contest earlier this year for his Spiced Rum label. And our own Michelle Cotumaccio designed the Coconut Rum label for us. Check it out above. And now, pour yourself a rum cocktail and sip on these random rum facts:

  • Sailors were sometimes paid in rum. To test to make sure it was the real stuff, they’d mix it with gunpowder (don’t try this at home) and light it up. If it ignited, it was “proof” that the alcohol content was high enough. Hence, the term “proof” for alcohol content.
  • The British Navy gave sailors daily “tots” of rum all the way until 1970! Sadly, they stopped the tots on July 31, 1970, a day known as Black Tot Day.
  • After Admiral Nelson died at the battle of Trafalgar, his body was shipped back to England in a rum-filled casket. They say sailors nipped from the casket during the voyage, giving British Royal Navy Rum its nickname: Nelson’s Blood.
  • The very first Let the Rum Do the Talking Day was celebrated on December 5, 2019 at Barley Creek Brewing Company in Tannersville.

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