When is a herd of buffalo not a herd of buffalo?

When is a herd of buffalo not a herd of buffalo? Trick question… there’s no such thing as a herd of buffalo. Here in North America, what we have are bison, not buffalo. And while bison do gather in a herd, a gathering of buffalo is actually called an obstinacy of buffalo. In fact, most of the names for groups of animals are similarly awesome and were probably brainstormed over a late-night beerversation. A tower of giraffes. A shrewdness of apes. A prickle of porcupines. A crash of rhinos. A bloat of hippopotami. A stench of skunks. A pandemonium of parrots. (Pro tip from the Department of Procrastination: you can waste a LOT of time on the interwebs looking this stuff up.) But the name they had for a group of mules was just sad… a barren of mules. Well, a bunch of us (also known as a firkin of friends) were sitting around, having a late-night 11:01 vodkasation, when we decided that a barren of mules needed a better name. Drumroll please… a flight of mules. Next thing we know, Brenna is pouring us an actual flight of mules. Turns out, she’s testing some new recipes for our twist on the Moscow Mule. There was a lot of spirited discussion about which mule was best, but we decided to let you choose. For the next few weeks, you can get a Flight of Mules sampler at Barley Creek and the Morning Toast. Vote for your favorite mule and help us choose which one gets to become the official Pocono Mule. Or maybe the Barley Mule. Or perhaps the Flying Barley Mule? Hmmmm… that’s a vote for a different blog. Cheers!

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