Frigg and Phobia

There’s a huge debate going on in the country this week. No, not whether Mark Zuckerberg is an actual robot. The debate comes down to this: friggatriskaidekaphobia or paraskevidekatriaphobia? Both of them mean fear of Friday the 13th, but we think friggatriskaidekaphobia just rolls off the tongue better. Plus, it’s named after the Norse goddess Frigg (insert what-the-frigg joke here), who the day Friday is named after (Frigg’s day). The Stress Management/Phobia Institute says about 20 million Americans are afraid of Friday the 13th, but we say, there’s nothing to worry about…especially if you remembered to say rabbit-rabbit on the first of this month, which was also April Fool’s Day, which we are pretty sure doubles the good luck factor to the strength of a horseshoe, wrapped in a rabbit’s foot, and surrounded by four-leaf clovers. In any case, you can’t go wrong hanging out with friends on a Friday at Barley Creek. And with our new menu coming out next week, this will be your last chance to savor some of your winter favorites, like Firehouse Chili, Pot Roast Burger, and Crane’s Wicked Chip Dip. (FOMO on the Wicked Chip Dip is also called Cranamissachipawickedkaphobia.) Oh, and one more thing… it’s supposed to be sunny and 75 in Tannersville on Friday and Saturday. Bam!

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