boxes of cheer

Rum & Soda Gift Box

with bottle of BCBC Rum, soda, logo glass and logo flask $35

Rum & Coffee Gift Box

with bottle of BCBC Rum, package of Electric City Coffee, and Morning Toast mug $35

Whiskey & Coffee Gift Box

with bottle of BCBC Whiskey, package of Electric City Coffee, and Morning Toast mug $35

Craft Brew Mixed Gift Box

with 8 16oz BCBC brews (4 different flavors) and BCBC Distillery hat $30

curbside cocktails

Curbside Cocktails, Poptails & Specialty Drinks

We’ve got a variety of Curbside Cocktails available to-go in different sizes. You’ll find featured specialty cocktails like Strawberry Coconut Mojitos, or frozen Poptails like Whiskey Sour Pops. We’ve also got classics like Margaritas and Cosmos, plus frozen cocktails like Chocolate Banana Mudslide. You can also build your own Creekside Cocktail using Vodka, Gin, Rum, Whiskey, Bourbon, Tequila, or Moonshine, with your choice of mixers. Our Curbside Cocktails menu is always evolving, so click on the order button on the left above (Order Food, Beer, Wine & Cocktails To Go) and scroll to the Curbside Cocktails menu to see what’s available. Cheers!


Kendall Jackson Cabernet 25
Sutter Home Cabernet 15
Blue Ridge Cabernet 22


*Note: Wine Not Available For Delivery


Kendall Jackson Chardonnay 20
Sutter Home Chardonnay 15
Blue Ridge Red Raspberry 14
Mountain View Bliss 18
Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc 15
Leese-Fitch Chardonnay 13.5
Mountain View Blush Bubbly 25


*Note: Wine not available for delivery

barley creek canned beer

4 packs (16oz)

Navigator Golden Ale 12
Antler Brown Ale 12
Iron Arm Belgian Wheat 12
High Tide Lager 12
Heck of a Hard Cider 12
Mango Saison 15
Rescue IPA 15
Slippery Slope Pale Ale 15
Mountaineer Maibock 15
Summerfest Lager 15
Spontaneous III: Pineapple Sour 18
Mixed Four Pack (No Citrabellum) 15

case 12oz cans (24 pack)

Mixed Case  – $50

Pick up to 4 different beers to build your case: Rescue IPA, Antler Brown Ale, Iron Arm Belgian Wheat, Navigator Golden Ale, High Tide Golden Lager, Heck of a Hard Cider, Slippery Slope IPL, Mountaineer Maibock.

case 16oz cans (24 pack)

Iron Arm Belgian Wheat – $60
Antler Brown Ale – $60
High Tide Lager – $60
Navigator Golden Ale – $60

single can (16oz)

Antler Brown Ale 4
Iron Arm Belgian Wheat 4
Heck of a Hard Cider 4
Slippery Slope Pale Ale 4
Navigator Golden Ale 4
High Tide Lager 4
Manog Saison 4.5
Spontaneous III: Pineapple Sour 6


single can (12oz)

Antler Brown Ale 3
Iron Arm Belgian Wheat 3
Mountaineer Maibock 4
Navigator Golden Ale 3
Slippery Slope Pale Ale 3
High Tide Lager 3
Heck of a Hard Cider 3



growlers (64 oz)

Barley Creek Growlers $10

Iron Arm Belgian Wheat
Rescue IPA
Mountaineer Maibock
Angler Black Lager
Citrabellum Double IPA
Navigator Golden Ale
Antler Brown Ale
High Tide Lager
Slippery Slope Pale Ale
Heck of a Hard Cider

BCBC Super Hop Double IPA Growler $16


Guest Brew Growlers $15

Flower Power
Everyday Haze
Swing Tree
Xpa Citra Pale
Mischievious Brown
Yards Sign



BCBC Aluminum Growler $40
BCBC Hand-Crafted Ceramic Growler $75

crowlers (32 oz)

Two For $11 Crowler Special!
Single Can Barley Creek Crowler $6
3-Pack Barley Creek Crowlers $17

Mountaineer Maibock
Navigator Golden Ale
Antler Brown Ale
Iron Arm Belgian Wheat
High Tide Lager
Slippery Slope Pale Ale
Heck of a Hard Cider
Summerfest Lager

BCBC Super Hop Double IPA Crowler $10


Single Can Guest Brew Crowler $8

Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale
Helltown Brown
Founders Solid Gold
Ballast Point Grapefruit IPA


guest beer 6-packs

Yuengling 9
Heinekein 9
Michelob Ultra 9
Budweiser 9
Bud Light 9
Miller Lite 9
Corona 9
Woodchuck 9
Heineken Light 9

barley creek canned cocktails

4 packs $10

4pk Moscow Mule
4pk Crushin’ It
4pk Barley Palmer
4pk Cranberry Vodka

6 packs $14

6pk Moscow Mule
6pk Crushin’ It
6pk Barley Palmer

cases $55

24pk Moscow Mule
24pk Barley Palmer
24pk Crushin’ It

singles $3

Moscow Mule
Barley Palmer
Crushin’ It
Cranberry Vodka

barley creek distilled spirits


11:01 Vodka (750ml) – 24
Peach Vodka (375ml) – 18
Peach Vodka (750ml) – 25
Orange Vodka (750ml) – 25
Vanilla Vodka (750ml)- 25
Bacon Vodka (375ml) – 18
Bacon Vodka (750ml) – 25


Spiced Rum (375ml) – 20
Spiced Rum (750ml) – 35
Coconut Rum (375ml) – 17.5
Chocolate Banana Rum (375ml) – 17.5
Chocolate Banana Rum (750ml) – 28
White Rum (375ml) – 17
Mojito Rum(375ml) – 17.5


Barrel Aged Whiskey (375ml) – 23
Barrel Aged Whiskey (750ml) – 39
Honey Whiskey (750ml) – 39


Lemonade Moonshine (375ml) – 18
Lemonade Moonshine (750ml) – 26
Coffee Moonshine (375ml) – 18
Coffee Moonshine (750ml) – 26
Maple Moonshine (375ml) – 18
Maple Moonshine (750ml) – 26
Strawberry Lemonade (375ml) – 18
Strawberry Lemondade (750ml) – 26
Sweet Tea Moonshine (375ml) – 18
Sweet Tea Moonshine (750ml) – 26
Cherry Limeade Moonshine (375ml) – 18
Cherry Limeade Moonshine (750ml) – 26


Gin (375ml) – 21