Dad jokes: You know you love them!

I was just looking at my ceiling. I’m not sure if it’s the best ceiling in the world, but it’s definitely up there. Rimshot! You’ve just been Dad-joked. Dad jokes have been described as jokes that make you laugh and cringe in equal measures. But, where do Dad jokes come from? Pretty much everywhere these days. A Google search for Dad jokes brings up 127 million results. There are Reddit pages devoted to Dad jokes, a video series that pits celebrities against each other in a Dad-joke-off competition (if you laugh, you lose), and even a Twitter account featuring Dad jokes as told by Star Wars character Han Solo. (I baked a gingerbread Wookie, but it was a little Chewy.) Go ahead and groan, but you know you love Dad jokes. Yes, sometimes Dad jokes are quite obvious (What do you call a person who points out the obvious? A person who points out the obvious.) But sometimes Dad jokes can be very insightful. (Turn that music down; it’s way too loud. That’s just sound advice.) Maybe Dad jokes get a bad rap, but look at it this way: your kids are going to be embarrassed by you anyway. You might as well take back your power with a good Dad joke. Remember, Father’s Day is next weekend. We’re going to have great specials and tons of fun at Barley Creek, The Morning Toast, The Pint Size Park and The Tasting Room & Pub. Come on out and laugh with us!

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