Chocolate and Whiskey… Separated at Birth?

Gotta love those marketing geniuses in charge of chocolate. No, really… you do gotta love them because Brenna is mixing up some cool chocolate cocktails for this Saturday, which is National Chocolate Day. Never mind that there are like a dozen National/International/Universal “Chocolate Days,” and that doesn’t even include Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Eileen’s birthday. But who are we mere mortals to argue with the facts? Chocolate makes you smarter, thinner, happier, sexier and nicer. These are not just Jedi mind tricks; these are real facts. We know because we read them on the internet. Twice! Chocolate is even a vegetable, sort of, since cacao beans come from a tree that’s cousins with the okra tree, and (I’m pretty sure that) okra is a vegetable. But here’s the part you probably didn’t know: chocolate is made by fermenting cacao beans and then liquefying into a substance called – wait for it – chocolate liquor.  That cannot be a coincidence! So, Brenna is absolutely right. Chocolate and alcohol were probably separated at birth and deserve the chance to be reunited. This is going to be good stuff: Chocolate Whiskey Cream, Chocolate Irish Coffee, Chocolate Rum-tini, Spiced Hot Chocolate, etc. To recap: We haz the chocolate. You deserve the chocolate. Drink up, friends!

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