Trip Reports (And Eileen Chimes In) – Pickleball Coming to Barley Creek

Morning at our house. Our dog, Barley, jumps out the window to get the newspaper (don’t worry; it’s porch level), Eileen is already in her office working, and I’m cooking up breakfast. Usually, I like to keep Eileen informed by yelling out interesting (he means random) stuff about life, philosophy, and the next big thing. (This morning’s Trip Report: Taking a hot bath is just as good as doing exercise!) A few months ago, I yelled out a single word: Pickleball. Apparently, that was interesting enough to get Eileen out of the office for a conversation that will change your summer:

Eileen: Pickleball?

Me: Pickleball!!

Eileen: Okay.

So, what does that mean for you? Pickleball is coming to the Pint Size Park! What exactly, you may ask, is pickleball? It’s the fastest growing sport in the country. (So, I guess that makes it a pretty big dill.) A cross between tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, pickleball can be played by just about anybody, no matter their fitness level. (Even people who do all of their exercise in bathtubs?) Plus, it fits in with our Pint Size Park sports philosophy: only sports you can play while holding a beer. Barley Creek’s new pickleball court is getting painted this week and will be ready for the official opening of the Pint Size Park on June 3. So, get ready to get pickled this summer. (I relish that joke.) Cheers!


Talk Derby To Me

Talk Derby to me, baby. This Saturday is Cinco de Derby (or Derby de Mayo, for you lefties out there), a day when we celebrate the most exciting dos minutes in sports with a run for the margaritas. Brenna is mixing up an amazing array of drink specials, including her famous mint julep margaritas, made with our own BCBC whiskey.  So, don your hats of outrageous proportions, unbridle your spirits, and let the fiesta begin!


Superhop Gets the Gold

Our Superhop Triple IPA was awarded a gold medal in the Tastings 2018 World Beer Championships. That’s exceptional! Congrats to Matt and the whole brewhouse team. You keep making great beer, and we’ll keep drinking it. Cheers!


The bock is back, the steaks are high, and I need more sleep

I was up all night, trying to work three puns into an opening about Friday’s three-fer: National Prime Rib Day, Saison IPA on tap, and the return of Mountaineer Maibock. Drumroll, please:

Make no misteak, tis the saison to kick bock and enjoy!

Did that pretty much meat your expectations? (*collective groan*) Sorry to punish you with terrible punchlines, but it’s rare when a steak pun is well-done. Though, bock in the day, that was a prime joke that the audience ate up. (*dodges rotten tomatoes*) Oh, I am punstoppable today. Must be the lack of sleep. Thanks for your punderstanding.

Okay, no more puns now, I mean it. (*insert your own Princess Bride joke here*) In all seriousness, tomorrow is a big day. The Maibock is back on tap, along with our amazing tropical Saison IPA. And, we have Strawberry Blonde on firkin. All that, plus we’ve been smoking up some awesome specials for National Prime Rib Day. So, kick off your weekend right, but make sure you’re here on time. You know: punctual. (sorry) (not sorry) Cheers!


Frigg and Phobia

There’s a huge debate going on in the country this week. No, not whether Mark Zuckerberg is an actual robot. The debate comes down to this: friggatriskaidekaphobia or paraskevidekatriaphobia? Both of them mean fear of Friday the 13th, but we think friggatriskaidekaphobia just rolls off the tongue better. Plus, it’s named after the Norse goddess Frigg (insert what-the-frigg joke here), who the day Friday is named after (Frigg’s day). The Stress Management/Phobia Institute says about 20 million Americans are afraid of Friday the 13th, but we say, there’s nothing to worry about…especially if you remembered to say rabbit-rabbit on the first of this month, which was also April Fool’s Day, which we are pretty sure doubles the good luck factor to the strength of a horseshoe, wrapped in a rabbit’s foot, and surrounded by four-leaf clovers. In any case, you can’t go wrong hanging out with friends on a Friday at Barley Creek. And with our new menu coming out next week, this will be your last chance to savor some of your winter favorites, like Firehouse Chili, Pot Roast Burger, and Crane’s Wicked Chip Dip. (FOMO on the Wicked Chip Dip is also called Cranamissachipawickedkaphobia.) Oh, and one more thing… it’s supposed to be sunny and 75 in Tannersville on Friday and Saturday. Bam!


National Beer Day Weekend

April 7 is National Beer Day and we’re celebrating all weekend! Before you get your brew on, here’s a little history lesson: On April 7, 1933, the Cullen-Harrison Act (CHA) went into effect, which was basically the first step toward ending Prohibition. Also known as the Beer Permit Act, the CHA was “an act to provide revenue by the taxation of certain nonintoxicating liquor, and for other purposes.” (Other purporses? Hmmm. Like maybe, fun?) The CHA allowed the sale of beer with a low enough alcohol content for people to not get intoxicated, pegged at anything below 4.05% ABV. People were so excited to buy their first legal beer in 13 years, they lined up outside taverns and breweries the night before, waiting for the stroke of midnight. (That’s why April 6 is known as “New Beer’s Eve.”) In honor of these historic events, we’re celebrating beer all weekend at Barley Creek. This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 6-8, all of our food specials will come paired with an expertly chosen five-ounce brew. You can also get one of our ceramic souvenir pint glasses with any Barley Creek brew for just $20 (it’s normally $20 for just the glass, so that’s kind of like a free beer.) If you want to take your beer to go, you can get a three-pack of Barley Creek flagship crowlers for just $20 (higher ABV brews for a slight upcharge). As FDR famously said, “I think this would be a good time for a beer.” Cheers!


Barley Creek to Build Pool with Swim-up Bar at Pint Size Park

On April 1, 2018, Barley Creek Brewing Company announced plans to develop a multi-depth pool with swim-up bar at its Pint Size Park Complex. Situated between the wiffleball field and the beer garden patio deck, the Barley Creek Pint Size Pool will feature swim-up access to a tiki-style bar, with a dozen bar stools each on the “wet” and “dry” sides. Pool access will be limited to guests 21 and older.

Hospitality business experts have hailed the move as the next logical progression of the indoor/outdoor waterpark trend in the Pocono Mountains.


“We’ve been working on this concept for the last ten years,” said Trip Ruvane, president and co-founder of Barley Creek. “The idea came to me back in 2007 when I was testing a four-by-four inflatable pool for our annual Summerfest party. Unfortunately, the inflatable pool collapsed our old deck, but the idea for a Pint Size Pool never left me.”


Developed by Aprillipäivä of Finland, the Pint Size Pool will have a zero-depth entry from Barley Creek’s wiffleball field, graduating to a maximum depth of 6 feet. The swim-up bar will feature pedestal-style stools in the shape of beer kegs, set 16 inches below water level, allowing seated bar guests to be submerged to just above the stomach. The current tiki bar will have to be moved back 10 feet to accommodate the new Pint Size Pool.


In a related announcement, Ruvane said that preliminary plans were underway for a major collaboration between Camelbeach, Aquatopia, and Barley Creek to develop the world’s first aquatic attraction to connect a ski area, indoor water park and brewery/distillery. The CAB Crazy River would be a Willy-Wonka-style beer river originating at Camelbeach, connecting through Aquatopia, and splashing down at Barley Creek’s Pint Size Pool.


“Engineering will be complex, but we have one major force on our side,” explained Ruvane. “Gravity.”


Ruvane said for plans to proceed, approval would have to be secured by the Bureau of AFJ. “The AFJ really takes public sentiment into account. Approval for the project depends on how many signatures we can get.”


People can voice support for the project on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, or by writing to April F. Joak at the Bureau of AFJ, Pier 1995, Tannersville, PA 18372.

Babylonians, Vikings and Beer Dinners

Do you know when the very first beer dinner was held? Yeah, neither does anyone else. It was most likely back in ancient Mesopotamia maybe 5,000 years ago during the month of Nisannu (March/April), when they celebrated New Year’s. The menu might have paired turtle eggs and barley flatbread with any of 20 different types of beer. Guests would drink the beer through long straws so they wouldn’t choke on the barley hulls that floated around in the brew. Sounds like it was a bit more elegant than the Vikings, who sometimes drank their ale out of the boiled skulls of  their slain enemies. Viking beer dinners were serious stuff. Guests would bleed into each other’s ale as a sign of brotherhood, and any promise you made while you were drunk was legally binding. The Viking beer dinner menu probably paired up ale and mead with horse-kebabs, scurvy-grass, and goat. Yeah, none of that will be on the menu at Barley Creek’s beer dinner on March 22.  We’ll have a great five-course menu highlighted by the likes of Beef Tenderloin Filet,  Pan-Seared Scallops with Tarragon Butter Sauce, Spinach & Gouda Soup, and Dark Chocolate Cake with Whiskey Cherries and Chocolate Mouse. And of course, it will all be paired with amazing brews, plus educational color commentary from our gurus in the brewhouse and the kitchen.  Our Spring 2018 beer dinner is $45 per person. Click for reservations or for more information call 570-629-9399.


Who Would Win?

Super Hop is back on tap! That brings up a question that has been debated by millions since the beginning of time (or at least since 1995): Who would win in a fight between Superman and Super Hop? No contest.. Super Hop would crush Superman. Think about it. Superman is the Man of Steel, but Super Hop has stainless kegs of steel. Superman stole the identity of a mild-mannered reporter, but Super Hop is incredibly bold. Superman lies to his girlfriend constantly, but Super Hop has strong hop character.  Superman has a major identity crisis… Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Super Hop knows exactly who he is:  It’s a BEER.  Really, this is exactly the kind of stuff that should be discussed over a beer. Cheers!