Air High-Fives

The response to our hand sanitizer project has been overwhelming. A big thanks to everyone who has helped with materials, bottles and donations to help keep the project going, as well as to our team members, who have been working tirelessly to try to keep up with demand. We’re pumped that we’ve been able to give away thousands of bottles of free sanitizer to many local first responders and health care workers out on the front lines. We want to keep that going! We’ll also try to keep including a free small bottle with our delivery and pick-up orders, while supplies last. In addition, to help offset costs, we’re now offering small bottles of hand sanitizer for purchase at a nominal charge. (pick-up and delivery only; we can’t ship sanitizer at this time.) Proceeds from these sales will allow us to keep getting free sanitizer out locally where it’s needed most. For health care facilities and emergency personnel that need larger quantities, please call us directly to discuss special pricing and availability for larger volume orders. Please remember that demand is high. We’re trying to make it as fast as we can, but supplies fluctuate, and we may be out of stock from time to time. We may also have to reevaluate our approach as conditions continue to evolve. We’ll keep you posted. Thanks for your patience and continued support. Everyone here at Barley Creek is proud to be able to support our community now and always.


Barley Creek Open For Pick-Up & Delivery

As you know, Governor Wolf issued a stay-at-home order for some PA counties, including Monroe. As an essential food supplier, Barley Creek will remain open for pick-up and delivery in order to help get food out to the community. Here’s what you need to know:

  • All orders should be placed by phone (570-629-9399) or order online.
  • When you come to pick up your order, park in the designated parking spot and then call to confirm that your order is ready. When it’s ready, you can come inside to pick it up or, if you prefer, we can bring it out to your car.
  • Delivery is also available online through Doordash.
  • Menus are available online here.
  • Beer, wine and spirits are also available for pick-up and delivery.
  • We’re still making hand-sanitizer. While supplies last, we may be able to include a small bottle with your to-go order if requested.
  • We’re looking at ways to expand our offerings to help meet key community needs and possibly save you an extra stop somewhere. This could include heat-and-eat meal kits, groceries, and other common household supplies. We’ll keep you posted.
  • We’ll keep posting daily specials and updates on the website, through Ale Mail, and on social media. Follow us here on Instagram and Facebook.

Thank you so much to all of you who are continuing to support Barley Creek as we try to support our community. Stay healthy and stay sane! We’ll get through this together.


Hand Sanitizer Update

We’ve had an overwhelming response to our hand sanitizer project, and we wanted to let you know what’s going on.

• We’re working hard on sourcing materials and supplies, and we’re trying to keep up with demand as best we can.
• When we have sanitizer in stock, we’re continuing to offer free small bottles to our staff, delivery drivers, to-go customers, and local first responders.
• We’re also offering small bottles for free to individuals in need, but for those who can afford it, we’re happy to accept donations to help keep the project going.
• We’ve been able to get a limited supply of larger 4-ounce bottles. We’ll be charging $2 for those bottles to help offset the cost of materials, bottles, shipping, labels and labor.

As you know, things change rapidly these days, so we’ll keep you updated as necessary.


Barley Creek announces temporary shift to pick-up, curbside, and delivery only

Taking into account the advice and guidance of national, state and local health agencies and leaders, Barley Creek has made the difficult decision to temporarily shift to a pick-up, curbside, and delivery only business at both our original Tannersville location and our Tasting Room & Pub @ the Crossings. While our bars and dining rooms will be closed for social-distancing reasons, Barley Creek will offer pick-up for food, beer, and spirits at both locations, with wine take-out also available at the original Barley Creek on Sullivan Trail & Camelback Road. Barley Creek is also expanding its own direct delivery capabilities in addition to those available online through DOORDASH. These changes will be effective from the end of business on Monday, March 16 through Thursday, April 2.

Trip Ruvane, president and co-owner of Barley Creek, said, “It’s a difficult decision, but the right decision. The health and safety of our people, our guests, and our community has always been, and will always be, our top priority. While we’ll all miss hanging out together for the time being, we know that Barley Creek can help the community in other ways right now. People still need to eat, and our pick-up, curbside, and delivery services will help meet that key community need. Times are tough, but so are Pocono people. I’m confident we’ll get through this together and come out stronger on the other side.”

Additionally, Barley Creek announced new temporary hours of operation starting tomorrow, March 17.  Original Location at 1774 Sullivan Trail open 11:02am- 8pm Daily. Tasting Room & Pub at the Crossings open Mon – Sat 10am-10pm; Sun 10am-9pm.

Please bear with us as we get the new take-out, curbside and delivery menus up on the website tomorrow.  Check back here and follow us on social media for further updates.

Thank you, as always, for your friendship and support. Stay healthy and be good to each other!



Barley Creek COVID-19 Update:

Barley Creek is continuing to monitor the coronavirus situation. First, and most importantly, we hope you all are staying healthy. Our hearts go out to all of those affected by coronavirus around the world. Second, we wanted to let you know that the health and safety of our guests, team members and community is our top priority. Here’s what’s going on:

• We are closely following CDC and state guidelines regarding coronavirus. While anyone with flu-like symptoms should stay home, for those who are able to go out, both Barley Creek and the Tasting Room at the Crossings are open and welcome your business.

• Here in the restaurant industry, we are already held to a very high standard for cleanliness and safety. Now we’re taking even more steps to expand our cleaning and sanitation procedures beyond our already rigorous standards, with more frequent cleaning, as well as increased sanitation at every table turn and after every guest.

• If you’d rather enjoy Barley Creek at home, we’re ramping up our take-out and we’ve got everything you need. Food, beer, spirits and wine are all available for take-out at Barley Creek. You can order for pick-up by calling Barley Creek directly at 570-629-9399. You can also order online for pick-up or contactless delivery through DOORDASH or for pick-up through Grub Hub. At the Tasting Room, you can get food, beer, and spirits to-go. Call the Tasting Room directly at 272-200-2992 to pre-order your pick-up.

• Coming up: By this weekend, we’ll have our small patio open for outdoor dining. We’re also working on expanding options for parking lot service through our food trailer and smoker in the coming days.

Obviously, this is a rapidly evolving situation, but Barley Creek is staying on top of all the updates and guidance from the CDC and state health agencies. We’re also reaching out to local leaders and experts to see how Barley Creek can help the broader community. The bottom line is that our whole team is working hard to help our guests, friends, families, co-workers and communities stay safe, healthy and sane during these challenging times. We’ll keep you updated here at the website.

Be well, and as always, thanks for your support.


Not Just For Pirates

Avaste ye scurvy bilge rats! Nope – it’s not Talk Like a Pirate Day. Today is Let The Rum Do The Talking Day. Yes, it’s a real day… as far as you know. I mean, Talk Like A Pirate Day was created by a few guys in Oregon who screamed AAARRRR after getting beaned by a racquetball (true story). They wrote to humor columnist Dave Barry and the rest is history. So, we figure all we gotta do is add Dave Barry to our Ale Mail distribution list, and Let the Rum Do the Talking Day will be “a thing” very soon. Right, Dave? Are you reading this, Dave? So for this inaugural Let the Rum Do the Talking Day, we’re celebrating Barley Creek’s brand new Coconut Rum and rolling out a new label for our Spiced Rum. Both are available now for your drinking and gift-giving pleasure. And check out the labels! Both were designed by local artists. Noah Henning won our rum label contest earlier this year for his Spiced Rum label. And our own Michelle Cotumaccio designed the Coconut Rum label for us. Check it out above. And now, pour yourself a rum cocktail and sip on these random rum facts:

  • Sailors were sometimes paid in rum. To test to make sure it was the real stuff, they’d mix it with gunpowder (don’t try this at home) and light it up. If it ignited, it was “proof” that the alcohol content was high enough. Hence, the term “proof” for alcohol content.
  • The British Navy gave sailors daily “tots” of rum all the way until 1970! Sadly, they stopped the tots on July 31, 1970, a day known as Black Tot Day.
  • After Admiral Nelson died at the battle of Trafalgar, his body was shipped back to England in a rum-filled casket. They say sailors nipped from the casket during the voyage, giving British Royal Navy Rum its nickname: Nelson’s Blood.
  • The very first Let the Rum Do the Talking Day was celebrated on December 5, 2019 at Barley Creek Brewing Company in Tannersville.

You’re Bacon Me Thirsty

Nobody puts Bacon in the corner. But what about putting Bacon in the bottle? Oh yeah, we did. The team’s gone hog wild with Bacon Vodka. You think we’re kidding? That’s not what your Bloody Mary thinks. Seriously, you gotta try this. Barley Creek Bacon Vodka, now available at Barley Creek, The Morning Toast, and The Tasting Room & Pub. Can’t you just hear that sizzle? Bacon… it’s what’s for vodka.


Cool Koozie Science & Free Stuff

Let’s talk about science. Beer science, actually. No, not all that stuff about fermentation and enzymatic breakdown of starches into sugars, blah-blah-blah. No, we’re talking cool beer science, literally… the science of beer can Koozies. Back in 2013, a bunch of genius scientists at the University of Washington figured out a way to get funding to find out if beer Koozies work. Think about that. They got funding to drink beer and study how cool it is. Sounds like a pretty sweet gig. Plus, the funding came from — get this — the National Center for Atmospheric Research. I guess it makes sense…when beer gets warm, the atmosphere at your party could get uncomfortable, right? So they drank a few bevvies, studied latent heat properties, and learned…. drumroll… Koozies work! Of course the surfers in Australia who invented “Stubby Holders” in the 1970s could have told you that. Apparently, when their beer got too warm one day, they simply cut off a strip of a neoprene wetsuit and wrapped it around the can to keep things cool. Yes – necessity is the mother of invention. Anyway, the official science-y explanation is that Koozies work because they prevent condensation. Apparently when it comes to the optimum temperature of beer or ready-to-drink cocktails in a can, the equation goes like this: Condensation = Bad. Koozies = Good. And Free Koozies = Awesome. What’s that? Free Koozies, you say? Yes. This weekend only at the Barley Creek Tasting Room & Pub, we’re giving away a pair of free Koozies with your purchase of a six-pack of Barley Creek canned cocktails to-go. Only this weekend and only at the Tasting Room. Happy Labor Day weekend! Oh, and one more thing… remember that this Sunday is the last official Pint Size Park day for the season. I’m sure we’ll have some pop-up parties when the spirits move us and the weather is good, but don’t miss this Sunday!