Barley Creek Lager, Rinse, Repeat Is First Fully Integrated Shower Beer System

Barley Creek Brewing Company announced today the release of Lager, Rinse & Repeat, the first fully-integrated shower beer system, which expands traditional shower faucet options to Hot, Cold, and Beer.

According to renown beer scientist Dr. Buzz Hopper, “The body releases endorphins and dopamine when we take a shower and when we drink a beer. Combining the two increases the effect. Recent studies have linked the practice of drinking beer in the shower with measurable improvements in relaxation, hydration, cleanliness and creativity.”

Shower beers have grown in popularity in recent years, but until now, shower beer enthusiasts have had to cope with several problems. Barley Creek Brewing Company owner Trip Ruvane explains, “We all agree that fresh keg beer tastes better, but for most people, putting a keg in the shower is impractical. On the other hand, showering with a glass beer bottle is dangerous and beer cans get slippery, leading to unacceptable spillage rates. That’s why we teamed up with Bath Fitters and Micro Matic to create Barley Creek’s Lager, Rinse & Repeat. Positioned at mouth level, LR&R works like a water fountain, except it dispenses cold beer. When you hop in the shower with Barley Creek’s Lager, Rinse & Repeat, you’ll have the ultimate shower beer experience, leaving you both clean and refreshed.”

The Barley Creek Lager, Rinse & Repeat system can be used with any type of shower and comes complete with a dual-speed beer delivery spigot, a glycol-chilled beer storage unit, and a high-tech retinal scan system to prevent under-age beer showering and/or roommate theft.

According to Ruvane, Lager, Rinse & Repeat is just the beginning for Barley Creek’s Bath & Shower Beer line. “Soon, customers will be able to order their shower beer delivery directly through the Barley Creek Shower Tap App, which will be available on all smart phone platforms next month. We’re also developing other bath products, including BC Craft-Brew Shampoo, Minty Moonshine Mouthwash, and Rub-a-Dub Rum Soap.”

Barley Creek’s Lager, Rinse & Repeat system is currently available at Barley Creek’s original Tannersville location, in their online Brewtique, as well as in selected Beer, Bath & Beyond stores across Pennsylvania and Westeros. Barley Creek reminds everyone to enjoy their April Fool’s day and always shower responsibly.


Cow Clocks and Cannons at Dawn: What time is it anyway?

Sunday is Spring Forward Day and the fight over Daylight Saving Time (DST) continues to rage. Contrary to popular belief, DST was not invented by Ben “early to bed, early to rise” Franklin, though Franklin did extoll the benefits of adjusting sleep schedules in a satirical essay claiming Parisians could save a boat-load of money if they just got their lazy butts out of bed earlier, thus replacing expensive candle power with free morning sunlight. In fact, Franklin jokingly proposed taxing window shutters, rationing candle sales, and firing cannons at dawn to get the “sluggards” out of bed. Another common misperception pegs farmers as DST proponents, but in fact farmers led the charge to get DST repealed in the US in 1919, over Woodrow Wilson’s veto. The farmers’ rationale: the only clock that cows listen to is the sun. Between 1919 and the passing of the Uniform Time Act in 1966, the US was in a state of what Time magazine called “a chaos of clocks” as states and cities were able to start and end DST whenever they pleased. In fact, at one point, bus passengers on a 35-mile bus route from Ohio to West Virginia had to reset their watches 7 times! These days, the debate over DST continues. Some folks (golf courses, makers of BBQ grills, etc.) say DST increases revenues. Some (TV business, farmers, etc.) say DST messes with their schedules. And some people just want us to get off the seesaw, pick a time and stick with it. In fact, politicians from Florida have introduced the Sunshine Protection Act in Congress, calling for the entire country to stay on DST forever, meaning Sunday could be the last time we ever have to change clocks. It makes no difference to us. No matter how you change the clocks, it’s five o’clock somewhere. Cheers!


New Beer – Come Hither Ale

When the Scottish heather blooms in the Highlands, it’s a sight to behold. Back in the old days, Scottish brewers would use the heather flowers instead of hops to impart flavor to their brews. Our Barley Creek brewers are taking a page from Old Scotland with our newest brew, Come Hither Ale. Come Hither is a spiced heather ale, brewed with Sorachi Ace whole cone hops and heather tips. Heather beers are the stuff of legends, literally. Robert Louis Stevenson penned the poem “Galloway Legend” in honor of heather beers (the ales, not the actress). “From the bonny bells of heather / they brewed a drink long-syne / was sweeter far than honey / was stronger far than wine.”  We won’t quote the whole poem because it turns rather dark, as the last of the dwarfish men sacrifices his own son just to keep the secret recipe of Heather Ale from falling into the hands of the bloodthirsty King of Scotland. Yikes. Our Come Hither Ale is slightly sweet and aromatic. The heather imparts a mild, grassy, green-tea flavor. It’s light-bodied with a dry finish, similar to a Belgian Abbey Ale. We expect that at least a few of you will want to write legendary poems about it. Come Hither / don’t dither / this bonny brew drink with her. On tap March 1 at Barley Creek.


The Dogs of Washington

In honor of Presidents’ Day, it’s time for some random Presidential trivia. George Washington did not chop down the cherry tree (it was fake news; his biographer made it up) and he did not have wooden teeth (they were a combo of human, cow and horse teeth, with some ivory, copper and silver thrown in. The wooden-look probably came from red wine stains). On the other hand, George did make whiskey and beer at Mount Vernon. In fact, he named three of his dogs Drunkard, Tipler, and Tipsy — which would be an excellent name for a beer, right? Speaking of beer names, we should have two new beer names for you next Friday, including a new name and logo for our Irish Red Ale and a brand-new heather brew. Now to finish up our presidential trivia with the weird and the wonderful… John Quincy Adams went skinny dipping every day in the Potomac River (weird?). James Monroe was so good at unifying the country that he was re-elected without opposition in 1820 and they named his tenure the Era of Good Feelings (wonderful!). Cheers to good feelings! Happy Presidents’ Day!


Hey Skippy, you’re so smooth and your beer cans are amazing!

Today is Beer Can Appreciation Day, National Peanut Butter Day, and National Compliment Day all rolled into one! My mind is officially blown. It’s like the best thing since beer in a can. Peanut butter is great and you do look marvelous, but we’re all about appreciating beer cans today. So, a big happy birthday to beer cans – born on January 24, 1935, when Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company first sold cans of Krueger’s Finest Beer and Krueger’s Cream Ale. Tipping the scales at a hefty four ounces, these cans were made of steel and had to be opened with a church key. In 1963, Pittsburgh Brewing made things even better, selling their Iron City Beer in “self-opening” cans with pull tabs, and then a dozen years later, Falls City Brewing upped the ante, introducing the greener “stay tabs” that are still used today. 2013 was another amazing year in beer can history, when beer cans and growlers made a love match, and “crowlers” were born. You can make today a great day in beer can history, too. Post a picture of your Barley Creek crowlers on Facebook or Instagram (@barleycreekbrewing) today and you could be randomly chosen to win a Barley Creek gift certificate. Cheers to beer cans! Oh, and you are a wonderful person!


When is a herd of buffalo not a herd of buffalo?

When is a herd of buffalo not a herd of buffalo? Trick question… there’s no such thing as a herd of buffalo. Here in North America, what we have are bison, not buffalo. And while bison do gather in a herd, a gathering of buffalo is actually called an obstinacy of buffalo. In fact, most of the names for groups of animals are similarly awesome and were probably brainstormed over a late-night beerversation. A tower of giraffes. A shrewdness of apes. A prickle of porcupines. A crash of rhinos. A bloat of hippopotami. A stench of skunks. A pandemonium of parrots. (Pro tip from the Department of Procrastination: you can waste a LOT of time on the interwebs looking this stuff up.) But the name they had for a group of mules was just sad… a barren of mules. Well, a bunch of us (also known as a firkin of friends) were sitting around, having a late-night 11:01 vodkasation, when we decided that a barren of mules needed a better name. Drumroll please… a flight of mules. Next thing we know, Brenna is pouring us an actual flight of mules. Turns out, she’s testing some new recipes for our twist on the Moscow Mule. There was a lot of spirited discussion about which mule was best, but we decided to let you choose. For the next few weeks, you can get a Flight of Mules sampler at Barley Creek and the Morning Toast. Vote for your favorite mule and help us choose which one gets to become the official Pocono Mule. Or maybe the Barley Mule. Or perhaps the Flying Barley Mule? Hmmmm… that’s a vote for a different blog. Cheers!


1,200 Breweries Got Together and Brewed One Beer

There is something really cool going on in the brewing industry, and you can be a part of it. More than 1,200 breweries across the country are joining forces to brew a single beer to help a lot of people. Barley Creek just brewed Resilience IPA. 100% of the proceeds from sales of Resilience IPA will be donated to the Camp Fire Relief Fund to help those affected by the devastating wildfires in Northern CA. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. had the idea and sent out a letter to other breweries asking for help. They were blown away by the response. The Resilience IPA fundraiser is the largest charitable collaboration ever among US breweries. It doesn’t surprise me. There are a lot of great things about brewing beer, but one of the best is the industry itself which, in my experience, has always been way more about collaboration than competition. We’re really proud to be a part of this effort. Now, here’s how you can help. Go to your local brewery — any local brewery — and order a Resilience IPA. Barley Creek’s version of Resilience IPA will be on tap starting next Friday, December 14. Cheers to the Resilience of the human spirit!


Brunch with Santa!

Santa is coming to the Morning Toast! Join us for Brunch with Santa on December 16th from 9am-1pm. We’ll have all your favorites, plus free photos with Santa. Each child will also get a small gift, while supplies last. Call 570-629-9399 for reservations. Adults: $25. Kids 10 & under: $10. Kids 3 & under: free!!


It’s a cigar…It’s a comet…It’s an alien?

According to Harvard researchers, a cigar-shaped interstellar object discovered by Hawaiian astronomers last year could be a “fully operational probe sent intentionally to the Earth vicinity by an alien civilization.” They are calling it Oumuamua, which I’m pretty sure means holy s#%it in Hawaiian. Because of its unusual shape, acceleration patterns, and other “various anomalies,” scientists are guessing it could be a solar sail, some space junk from a broken alien ship, or maybe even internet clickbait. Since the news broke, there’s been a noticeable uptick in Ou Muama jokes (Ou Muama is so alien, she eats soup with the Big Dipper), as well as a veritable tweet-storm from skeptical scientists calling the study flawed and outlandish. One Canadian scientist even went so far as to say that he is “distinctly unconvinced,” which is like a ten on the Canadian Outrage Scale. Local scientist, Dr. Frothy Brewe, claims that he knows exactly why aliens haven’t visited our solar system yet. “They looked at the reviews… we only got one star.” To get to the bottom of the story, I conducted a thorough, completely scientific survey of the dozen people sitting at the bar last night. The consensus is that Oumuamua is either a Tesla-type car sent into space by an eccentric alien billionaire (let’s call him Elon Moumuamusk), or an alien tap handle for Ho’opakele IPA (That’s Rescue IPA in Hawaiian, folks.) Anyway, check out the photo above and decide for yourself.


If Barley Creek Was A Movie… We’d Be Better Than Titanic

The votes are in and Barley Creek won a record 14 Pocono Record Readers’ Choice Awards. That’s 12 first-place awards and 2 additional winners. If Barley Creek was a movie and Readers’ Choice Awards were Academy Awards, we’d have won the most Oscars ever. Even more than Ben Hur, Lord of the Rings 3, and Titanic. You know, if Barley Creek WAS a movie, we’d totally do an epic Ben Hur style chariot race at the Pint Size Park, and then kick back with some 11:01 Vodka to celebrate our win. And, we’d totally hang out at the Shire with Samwise and Frodo, celebrating the destruction of Mordor with a Rescue IPA. But, Titanic? Sorry, we’d have a better script than that. First off, we would have let Jack on the door with us. There was room on the door, Rose! Plus, we would never throw the diamond necklace back into the sea. What were you thinking Rose??? Sorry… I digress. What I meant to say was: THANK YOU to everyone who voted for Barley Creek. If Barley Creek was a movie, you guys would get top billing in the credits.

Here’s the list of our awards:

#1 – Best Restaurant in Tannersville

#1 – Best Microbrewery

#1- Best Family Restaurant

#1- Best Happy Hour

#1 – Best Place To Have a Cocktail

#1 – Best Barbecue

#1 – Best Place To Go on a Business Lunch

#1 – Best Place To Host a Work Event

#1 – Best Company Culture

#1- Best Overall Leadership

#1- Best Workplace Culture

#1- Best Boss – Stephanie Rath

Additional winner – Best Outdoor Bar

Additional winner – Best Burger Place