Pint Size Park & Sidewalk Cafe Open June 5

We’re so excited that Barley Creek is opening for outdoor dining this Friday! This is going to be fun. There’s lots of info to let you know, so here goes:

We’ll have our famous Pint Size Park Menu for tables up at the Park, while our regular Barley Creek menu will be available for tables at our Sidewalk Café, as well as for curbside pick-up and delivery service. Have you missed live music? Same here. We’re kicking things off with Joe O’Malley at the Park on Friday and Jim Roberti on Saturday, from 5pm-8pm both nights. Then, Tom Graham will be playing on Sunday from 4pm-7pm. Oh, and starting tomorrow, Barley Creek hours will be 11:01AM-9PM daily.

By request, we’ll be accepting limited reservations slots for now (email To make sure everyone gets a chance, we’ll have a 2-hour max on table time per party. You can make a reservation up to 7 days in advance, with the last reservation time slot at 8PM. Please note: just sending an email doesn’t confirm your reservation. We’ll email you back with confirmation. And of course, we’ll still be accepting walk-in guests for both locations.

Our whole team is geared up to make sure you have fun and stay safe. Tables are set up for social distancing, and we have sanitation stations everywhere. Our team is constantly cleaning and sanitizing, including wiping down tables after every seating. You’ll have the option of contactless menus (on your phone with a QR scan) or disposable paper menus.

For your safety, we ask that you do your part, too. Masks are still required for guests while entering, exiting, or anytime you’re walking around. While you’re seated – you can take your mask off. And, as always, if you have any COVID-related symptoms or concerns, please stay home and visit with us another time.

If you don’t feel like dining out, we’re still doing curbside takeout and delivery, too. We’ll help you get your Barley Creek fix whatever way works best for you!

As you know, things are constantly evolving, so we’ll keep you posted as we continue working through all the phases of this new normal. For the latest news, make sure you follow us on Instagram & Facebook! (Aimee wants more followers before she goes on maternity leave!)

Cheers! See you this weekend


Mother’s Day is NOT cancelled!

So, this might be the weirdest Mother’s day ever, right? But, guess what? Mother’s Day is NOT cancelled! Whether you’re social distancing from Mom or driving her crazy  — oops, we mean quarantining with her — you can still make this day special. We’ve got you covered. Four words of advice:

  1. Do NOT make Mom cook today! You can still do Brunch and dinner! We’ve got an awesome Brunch package and Prime Rib dinner that each feeds a family of four. Available on Saturday & Sunday for pick-up or delivery – order here.
  2. Mom *might* need a pick-me-up (yeah – almost definitely). We’ve got two different “Momosa” baskets and a Build-Your-Own Cocktail Kit that comes with candles, coffee and – yup – booze.
  3. Pick up your dirty socks, ya filthy animals!
  4. Say I love you. Often and loudly! Whether it’s in person, or via Facetime-Skype-Zoomaloomadingdong. Take it from us – this is what all Moms need to hear the most!

Sending love to all the Moms, Aunts, Grammas, and other special women out there. Cheers and Happy Mother’s Day!


Cool Koozie Science & Free Stuff

Let’s talk about science. Beer science, actually. No, not all that stuff about fermentation and enzymatic breakdown of starches into sugars, blah-blah-blah. No, we’re talking cool beer science, literally… the science of beer can Koozies. Back in 2013, a bunch of genius scientists at the University of Washington figured out a way to get funding to find out if beer Koozies work. Think about that. They got funding to drink beer and study how cool it is. Sounds like a pretty sweet gig. Plus, the funding came from — get this — the National Center for Atmospheric Research. I guess it makes sense…when beer gets warm, the atmosphere at your party could get uncomfortable, right? So they drank a few bevvies, studied latent heat properties, and learned…. drumroll… Koozies work! Of course the surfers in Australia who invented “Stubby Holders” in the 1970s could have told you that. Apparently, when their beer got too warm one day, they simply cut off a strip of a neoprene wetsuit and wrapped it around the can to keep things cool. Yes – necessity is the mother of invention. Anyway, the official science-y explanation is that Koozies work because they prevent condensation. Apparently when it comes to the optimum temperature of beer or ready-to-drink cocktails in a can, the equation goes like this: Condensation = Bad. Koozies = Good. And Free Koozies = Awesome. What’s that? Free Koozies, you say? Yes. This weekend only at the Barley Creek Tasting Room & Pub, we’re giving away a pair of free Koozies with your purchase of a six-pack of Barley Creek canned cocktails to-go. Only this weekend and only at the Tasting Room. Happy Labor Day weekend! Oh, and one more thing… remember that this Sunday is the last official Pint Size Park day for the season. I’m sure we’ll have some pop-up parties when the spirits move us and the weather is good, but don’t miss this Sunday!


Kicking Grass and Taking Names

We have one golden rule for all sports played at the Pint Size Park: you have to be able to play with a beer in your hand. Now, Nicole and Aimee want to take that to the next level… a sport where you MUST play with a beer* in your hand. Get ready for Barley Creek’s first ever Cup-in-Hand Beer Kickball Tournament. It’s simple: See the ball. Kick the ball. Hold the beer. You must always have a cup in your hand filled to a certain level with beer (*or any other liquid). No putting the cup down, or holding it in your teeth, or putting it under your arm, or spilling too much. Basically, it combines lots of stuff we love to do: kicking things, running, spilling stuff, drinking beer. The date is August 15, 2019 (rain date August 16) at the Pint Size Park. You must be 21+ to sign up. Registration is $10 per person to play and you get one free beer. Email Aimee to sign up (put “Beer Kickball” in the subject line) or stop by Barley Creek, The Tasting Room, or the Pint Size Park. Teams will be about 4-6 people, but you can sign up with more or fewer (even just yourself) and we’ll put teams together for you. Go ahead and give your team a fun name (Booze on First? The IncrediBalls? Run Like the Winded?) and let the trash talk commence.


Dad jokes: You know you love them!

I was just looking at my ceiling. I’m not sure if it’s the best ceiling in the world, but it’s definitely up there. Rimshot! You’ve just been Dad-joked. Dad jokes have been described as jokes that make you laugh and cringe in equal measures. But, where do Dad jokes come from? Pretty much everywhere these days. A Google search for Dad jokes brings up 127 million results. There are Reddit pages devoted to Dad jokes, a video series that pits celebrities against each other in a Dad-joke-off competition (if you laugh, you lose), and even a Twitter account featuring Dad jokes as told by Star Wars character Han Solo. (I baked a gingerbread Wookie, but it was a little Chewy.) Go ahead and groan, but you know you love Dad jokes. Yes, sometimes Dad jokes are quite obvious (What do you call a person who points out the obvious? A person who points out the obvious.) But sometimes Dad jokes can be very insightful. (Turn that music down; it’s way too loud. That’s just sound advice.) Maybe Dad jokes get a bad rap, but look at it this way: your kids are going to be embarrassed by you anyway. You might as well take back your power with a good Dad joke. Remember, Father’s Day is next weekend. We’re going to have great specials and tons of fun at Barley Creek, The Morning Toast, The Pint Size Park and The Tasting Room & Pub. Come on out and laugh with us!


Imagine a world where you can’t brew beer for five months…

Luckily, we don’t have to worry about that at Barley Creek. But, if you were a 16th century Bavarian brewer, an annual five-month brewing ban was a real thing. So, what did they do? How about a little work-around that eventually led to the rise of the biergarten?

Necessity is the mother of invention, folks. The Brauordnung beer laws limited brewing to only the winter months, so Bavarian brewers had to figure out how to keep enough cold beer on hand to satisfy the thirsty masses during the hot summers. They dug deep cellars, put the beer barrels on ice, and then planted big ole chestnut trees on top for some extra cooling shade. Then someone had a Big Idea. You know, a picnic table would be prettttty nice under that tree. A perfect place to drink a brew. And voilà, the biergarten concept was born.

We may not have chestnut trees at the Pint Size Park & Biergarten, but we do have great beer, and plenty of it. And this Sunday kicks off the Pint Size Park 2019 Season! Don’t miss our Opening Day party. We’ll have live music from the Bandana Brothers, awesome food, a bounce house, and plenty of fun and games for the whole family. Plus, a portion of proceeds will benefit Camp Papillon animal shelter.

As the Germans like to say: Da Steppt der Bär… Literally, it translates to the bear dances there, but the English equivalent is this: It’s going to be a great party!


We’ve got three words for you…

Call your mother! Yes, Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year for phone calls, but we think you should call your Mom now and invite her to the Mother’s Day Brunch at The Morning Toast. While you’re at it, you might want to apologize for all those things you did when you were a teenager. You know what we’re talking about. But seriously, whether you join us for brunch or not, whether your Mom is with you or not, whether you call her Mom, or Gramma, or Aunt, or friend, we hope you’ll take a minute on May 12 to recognize the caring, strong, awesome women in your life and memories.


1,200 Breweries Got Together and Brewed One Beer

There is something really cool going on in the brewing industry, and you can be a part of it. More than 1,200 breweries across the country are joining forces to brew a single beer to help a lot of people. Barley Creek just brewed Resilience IPA. 100% of the proceeds from sales of Resilience IPA will be donated to the Camp Fire Relief Fund to help those affected by the devastating wildfires in Northern CA. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. had the idea and sent out a letter to other breweries asking for help. They were blown away by the response. The Resilience IPA fundraiser is the largest charitable collaboration ever among US breweries. It doesn’t surprise me. There are a lot of great things about brewing beer, but one of the best is the industry itself which, in my experience, has always been way more about collaboration than competition. We’re really proud to be a part of this effort. Now, here’s how you can help. Go to your local brewery — any local brewery — and order a Resilience IPA. Barley Creek’s version of Resilience IPA will be on tap starting next Friday, December 14. Cheers to the Resilience of the human spirit!


Brunch with Santa!

Santa is coming to the Morning Toast! Join us for Brunch with Santa on December 16th from 9am-1pm. We’ll have all your favorites, plus free photos with Santa. Each child will also get a small gift, while supplies last. Call 570-629-9399 for reservations. Adults: $25. Kids 10 & under: $10. Kids 3 & under: free!!