Barley Creek to Build Pool with Swim-up Bar at Pint Size Park

On April 1, 2018, Barley Creek Brewing Company announced plans to develop a multi-depth pool with swim-up bar at its Pint Size Park Complex. Situated between the wiffleball field and the beer garden patio deck, the Barley Creek Pint Size Pool will feature swim-up access to a tiki-style bar, with a dozen bar stools each on the “wet” and “dry” sides. Pool access will be limited to guests 21 and older.

Hospitality business experts have hailed the move as the next logical progression of the indoor/outdoor waterpark trend in the Pocono Mountains.


“We’ve been working on this concept for the last ten years,” said Trip Ruvane, president and co-founder of Barley Creek. “The idea came to me back in 2007 when I was testing a four-by-four inflatable pool for our annual Summerfest party. Unfortunately, the inflatable pool collapsed our old deck, but the idea for a Pint Size Pool never left me.”


Developed by Aprillipäivä of Finland, the Pint Size Pool will have a zero-depth entry from Barley Creek’s wiffleball field, graduating to a maximum depth of 6 feet. The swim-up bar will feature pedestal-style stools in the shape of beer kegs, set 16 inches below water level, allowing seated bar guests to be submerged to just above the stomach. The current tiki bar will have to be moved back 10 feet to accommodate the new Pint Size Pool.


In a related announcement, Ruvane said that preliminary plans were underway for a major collaboration between Camelbeach, Aquatopia, and Barley Creek to develop the world’s first aquatic attraction to connect a ski area, indoor water park and brewery/distillery. The CAB Crazy River would be a Willy-Wonka-style beer river originating at Camelbeach, connecting through Aquatopia, and splashing down at Barley Creek’s Pint Size Pool.


“Engineering will be complex, but we have one major force on our side,” explained Ruvane. “Gravity.”


Ruvane said for plans to proceed, approval would have to be secured by the Bureau of AFJ. “The AFJ really takes public sentiment into account. Approval for the project depends on how many signatures we can get.”


People can voice support for the project on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, or by writing to April F. Joak at the Bureau of AFJ, Pier 1995, Tannersville, PA 18372.

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