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Let the procrastination begin!

Join the Barely Creek Firkin Curling Team

The Barley Creek may be the first microbrewery to build a Firkin Curling Rink. If the weather cooperates will be curling outdoors up at the Pint Size Park on weekends. Firkin merchandise is already available in the Brewtique. If you were there when Trip tried to walk on water you'd know that he can't do it. But building a Curling Court should be easier.

Pond Skimming

This takes place at Camelback and if you have not seen this happen it's funny. Put it on your bucket list.

Pint Size Park Might Be Closed For The Winter

Having said that. We do like bonfires and we may actually build a Firkin Curling Court for some weekend winter activities. The PSP in the winter is really cool...literally.

2015 Ski Team Is Forming

The Barley Creek Ski Team needs you. 2014 we did very well at all of the apre ski parties. Every Wednesday night starting second week at 6pm in Jan Camelback hosts an adult ski league. Not just a ski league, but snowboard, tele ski and all age groups for both guys and gals! There is some racing but that may not be as important as the Apres ski fun. Want to join in on the fun? You can! Email me at trip@barleycreek.com and I'll make sure you get on one of the Barley Creek Teams. No we don't race on water.


Barley Creek won another Bizzy Award in 2013. Best marketing. 2012 Best Restaurant. 2011 Best Curbside Appeal. 2010 Best Website. 2009 Best Overall Business. This year we also won Pocono Record Readers Choice Award for best Microbrewery. Not bad at all. We think about each of these awards every year and try and get better to win em again. Oh yeah we like to dress up at least one night a year. Hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and George Roberts Productions, the Bizzy Awards recognise businesses that are consistently contributing to the overall betterment of the community. More pictures are in the Photo Gallery. It's time for applause!

Barley Creek is going Greener everyday
Halloween Costume Party

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